How to Choose a Business Holiday Greeting Card Christmas Design

How to choose holiday greeting cards for your business.

This Christmas, when deciding which business holiday greeting card design to choose for sending out to your customers and business associates there are a few important things to consider. These are quality, design and personalization of the Christmas cards.

Quality Business Christmas Cards Are a Must Have

Dont skimp on quality when choosing your cards. You should choose the best cards you can afford. Sending a cheap business holiday greeting card makes you look cheap and may appear to your clients and business associates that they arent important enough to you. Ensure you choose cards printed on good thick cardstock with excellent printing. Added extras can be embossing, foil embellishments and lined envelopes. Ask to see a sample before you place your order.

Handmade or Not Handmade?

There seems to be a difference of opinion of whether it is appropriate to send business greeting cards that have been handmade. Some say that handmade cards make your business look cheap while others claim that it is trendy to send them. Personally I think that it is fine to send good quality handmade cards as long as they are made from good quality products and dont look tacky. I think that these types of business Christmas cards can actually make your business stand out from the rest if they are designed in a way to compliment your business and fit in with your industry or line of work. Keep in mind that good quality handmade cards are more expensive than the standard printed cards.

Business Holiday Greeting Card Design Considerations

This is another area where it will depend on your business, your beliefs and your clients on which design would be appropriate to choose.

  • Generic Designs

You may prefer to choose a card design with a generic message such as Seasons Greetings. This is a safe option if you are concerned about offending anyone who may not celebrate Christmas.

  • Religious Designs

If you are a Christian and want to express this in your Christmas cards then selecting religious cards is an option. This will also depend on your business industry as to whether these cards are appropriate for all your clients. Some may be offended if they dont have the same religious beliefs as you and you may need to consider ordering some generic cards as well to send to those clients.

  • Other Considerations

Choose a design that will reflect well on your company.
Do not choose distasteful designs you do not want to offend anyone.
If you want to be safe then choose traditional Christmas designs and messages.

Personalization of your Cards

It is a good idea to have your cards professionally printed with your companys name and, or business logo. If you decide to do this then ensure that you or your assistant also sign the cards before they are sent out otherwise they will appear insincere. It is also proper to personally write a short message to the recipient.

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