Birthday Cards FAQs

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Why Send Birthday Cards?

Birthday cards are a good way to keep in touch and to connect with family, friends and work colleagues.

For the recipient just knowing that someone took the time to remember your birthday and choose a card for you means a lot.

The birthday greeting card is your way of telling someone that you want to make their special day a happy one and the card gives you a chance to send them your wishes. If you haven’t seen the person for a long time or can’t get together very often then this is a nice way of keeping in touch and letting the person know that you are thinking of them even if you can’t be there with them.

The birthday card becomes a keepsake to treasure for years to come in memory of your kind thoughts and wishes.

Types of Happy Birthday Cards

There are many different types of birthday cards. You can buy cards with the age number on them or go for a funny card. If you want to you can use a card with a pre-printed message or verse on the inside or you can use a card which is blank on the inside and write your own greeting. Cards can be handmade. There are also e-cards available on the internet which you can email to your family and friends.

How to Send Birthday Cards

Most birthday cards come with an envelope and the traditional way to send a birthday card is by postal mail. It is always exciting to receive something in the mailbox which isn’t a bill or advertising. If you are able to see the person on the day then you can give them the card personally.

What to Write in a Birthday Card

This is a question that gets asked very often. Many people choose to buy a card which includes a greeting or a verse or a funny joke – then they just sign their name. But what if you want more than that and you really want to make it personal, what do you write?

1. Keep it simple.

2. Wish them a Happy Birthday and all the best for the year ahead.

3. If you want to write something a bit more personalized you can mention something about a previous birthday, or include a quote.

4. Just remember to be yourself and write down what you would like to say – nobody expects you to be a poet.

For more information on what to write in a birthday card you can read the full post here.

Where did birthday cards originate?

Although greeting cards can be traced back to the ancient Chinese and Egyptians and then the Europeans in the 1400s, it appears that actual birthday cards appeared around the 1900s.

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