Need a Wedding Anniversary Poem?

Maybe not.. this idea is better than a Wedding Anniversary Poem


Want to know how to write your own original message for your wife or husband?

With this idea there is no need to use a Wedding Anniversary poem written by someone else when you can easily write something meaningful and from your own heart.

This Wedding Anniversary card greeting message is a really easy one to write. You can change the number of reasons to anything you like and even correspond it to the number of years that you have been married.

The technique is good because it gets you thinking about the person you are writing it to and basically all you are doing is answering a question and writing the answers on separate lines to create your own special message. You can even try to get some of the lines to rhyme so that you end up with your own wedding anniversary poem.

I have listed examples to show you what I mean.

Have fun.



Dear (name),

Happy Anniversary.

I thought that this would be a great time to tell you the:

10 Things I love about You:

(the following are examples - this is where you list your own)

1. You are my best friend in the whole wide world.
2. You are beautiful through and through.
3. I love the way you love me.
4. I love the way you make me smile.
5. You are a fantastic mother/father to our children.
6. You make me happy.
7. I love the way we laugh together.
8. You help me with the housework.
9. You are kind, caring and sweet.
10.Being with you is such a treat.

Other ideas you can write about to create your own wedding anniversary poem:

Here are my 10 favourite moments from the past 10 years of our marriage:

(the following are examples - this is where you list your own)

1. Our wedding day.
2. Our walks on the harbourside.
3. The first time you gave me pink roses for my birthday.
4. Our beach trip to Forster.
5. The birth of our baby boy.
6. Sharing pizza on the verandah of our first home together.
7. The Christmas you suprised me with the emerald pendant.
8. When we explored the Glass Mountains.
9. Visiting your hometown.
10. Buying our holiday home.

10 reasons I am glad I married you:

(the following are examples - this is where you list your own)

1. You are kind.
2. You are loving.
3. You like to cook and are good at it.
4. You treat me with respect.
5. I love our conversations.
6. You get more handsome as you get older.
7. We love to do the same things.
8. You encourage me to be myself.
9. You are a good man.
10. You are the love of my life.

Some tips for writing your Wedding Anniversary message:

Once you get started then the ideas start to flow.
Read it aloud and change the lines around if needed.

My examples don't really rhyme (I need to work on them a little) but if you want yours to rhyme you can replace some of the words with synonyms and change some of the words around until it sounds more like a poem.

Remember that whether it rhymes or sounds like a poem or not will not really matter to your wife or husband because they will just be thrilled to be reading something that you wrote about them all by yourself.


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